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WE CREATE SPACES ... to live, work, share ...

Iolanda Busquets

Our projects are based on the visual and chromatic order of spaces, light and textures. Its definition: functionality, quality and service.


In our study we will attend you personally, in order to create a joint work team in which the final result is a space with soul, that transmits your personality, your way of life and offers good feelings of harmony, serenity and comfort.


20 years of experience, with a team of its own. In spai we speak languages, we will understand each other.


In spai we offer you a wide range of possibilities:

Study, project, integral reform, a change of look, kitchens and bathrooms furniture, lighting, decoration, accessories ... explain your needs, we surely have the ideal solution!


In spai we give special importance to kitchens, since they have now become a key piece for any environment. They are places of meeting, meeting, tasting ... we interact and enjoy them like never before.

For that reason, it is very important to achieve specific objectives:

  • esthetic

  • functionality

  • comfort

  • capacity

  • style

Iolanda Busquets.jpg

some of our work



     Enric Granados, 118

     08008 Barcelona

     +34 93 415 80 30

     +34 678 471 667

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